Latest Orange Pi Board Feature Comparison

Latest Orange Pi Board Feature Comparison

Orange Pi recently release 3 new boards that target different markets. We made a comparison table to highlight the differences of the new models so you can choose the right board for your needs.

The first board is the Orange Pi Lite and it is like a Orange Pi One with WiFi instead of Ethernet. Like the Orange Pi One, this board is smaller than the typical Raspberry Pi boards but still packed with features. It includes onboard IR and microphone making it ideal of wireless installations.

The second board is the Orange Pi PC Plus. It is derived from the Orange Pi PC and adds onboard WiFi and 8GB of eMMC. You can flash the eMMC with your software and have a completely ready-to-go solution without the pesky reliability issues of having an SD card.

The third board is the Orange Pi Plus 2E. After receiving feedback from the community, Orange Pi created this board to allow for full bandwidth USB ports and removed the USB bridged SATA interface. The 2GB of RAM in this model really makes a difference running desktop applications and memory intensive programs.

We will have all of these models available for sale shortly.

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