About LoveRPi

LoveRPi is a brand by Imprecision Systems LLC to serve the single board computer market. We have been offering quality products from select manufacturers since our founding in 2015. We also offer design, manufacturing, and supply chain management services for businesses around the world.

Your One Stop Single Board Computer Provider

Our specialization and experience in the single board computer market enables us to simplify the complex market dynamics for people and companies looking to build innovative, reliable, and low-cost compute products. With design, sourcing, manufacturing, and test staff and facilities in Shenzhen, we can deliver a full spectrum of solutions.

Open Source Supporter

We pride ourselves in working with our partners to further open source hardware and open source software. It is through these lenses that we can envision more reliable, secure, and maintainable products to manage long-tail development and support costs. If you are working on relevant projects to enhance open source software, please reach out to us for your hardware needs.

The Future

"Rome wasn't built in a day" but we strive to move this industry forward by providing the solutions and know-how to enable it.