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We previously provided a hardware review of the boards we currently carry and now the numbers are in. Using standard images from our download section, we put all of the boards in a head to head test. Special thanks to Phoronix and Armbian for creating the tools and images that makes this possible. We will have software reviews in the next two weeks and some accessories and how to get up and running.   This is the only benchmark where the ODROID-XU4 does not win with its hefty Out-of-Order A15 cores. The Banana Pi M3 stays relatively close to the...

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We put all of the Raspberry Pi boards and Orange Pi boards through their paces to give you an idea of how these single board computers perform. We did not include the Raspberry Pi Zero because it does not belong in this league. Raspberry Pi 3 > Orange Pi PC > Orange Pi Plus > Orange Pi One > Raspberry Pi 2 Please note: Orange Pi is not as user friendly as Raspberry Pi. Do not simply consider performance along when choosing your single board computer. You must also consider your use case, software compatibility, compatible accessories, learning curve, and...

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While conducting our internal engineering load tests of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, it became evident that the Raspberry Pi 3 REQUIRES heatsinks. Without them, the board will overheat and experience thermal shutdown, corrupt HDMI signal, and video corruption. SoC diode temperatures are also incorrectly reported lower than actual temperatures. A test of 4 threaded sysbench resulted in the imagery below. We suggest active cooling for this board. At full load, it generates considerable heat and will become unstable. Once we get stock, our Raspberry Pi 3 boards will come with free heatsinks. Our kits for Raspberry Pi 3 will be actively cooled...

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