Libre Computer Board AML-S805X-AC Pre-Order

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ETA February 25, 2019

Get $5 off each additional board if you are a Kickstarter backer! Please use coupon code KICKSTARTER_COMBINED_SHIP if you are a Kickstarter campaign backer and indicate your backer number during the checkout process. If you don't leave your backer number or it does not match your Kickstarter survey, the order will be cancelled at shipping time. This offer will be available until the end of 2018.

During checkout, please select the normal shipping option. The shipping cost ($7.99) will be refunded at time of shipment when combined with your Kickstarter order.

We will be releasing additional accessories soon on the La Frite collections page.

If you would like additional accessories after you've already made an order, you can also use the KICKSTARTER_COMBINED_SHIP code for additional orders. We will still refund shipping for those items as long as it is before your Kickstarter package has gone out.