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Libre Computer Project

eMMC 5.x Module for Libre Computer Single Board Computers

eMMC 5.x Module for Libre Computer Single Board Computers

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High performance eMMC Modules offer improved read and write throughput for Libre Computer boards along with increase reliability and are available in sizes from 16GB up to 128GB.

Be careful attaching the module to the board as the pins are sensitive to damage.. Please note that eMMC is a wear item. Damaged pins are not covered under defective return policy so be very careful when mounting.

The package includes a USB Type A to USB Type A cable for programming eMMC via the board.

The eMMC 5.x Modules support the following platforms:

AML-S905X-CC - Recommended
ROC-RK3328-CC - Recommended

Bold means that this product is the recommended module for the platform.

Unsupported Platforms:

ALL-H3-CC - Libre Computer eMMC 4.x Module Recommended


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