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LoveRPi USB UART Serial Debug Cable

LoveRPi USB UART Serial Debug Cable

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Plug and play with all OSes: Fire up putty for Windows, Minicom or Screen for Mac and Linux to get direct access when you don't have video or network.

  • Microcontrollers typically use 5V TX/RX voltage
  • Single board computers like Raspberry Pi and Libre Computer boards use 3.3V TX/RX Voltage

Please select the appropriate IO voltage.

  • Red Wire: 5V
  • Black Wire: Ground
  • White Wire: RX (connect to board TX)
  • Green Wire: TX (connect to board RX)
  • Maximum baud rate: ~2Mbps
  • Cable length: ~1M

For Raspberry Pi

  • RASPBERRY PI 3/4 GUIDE: You must open /boot/config.txt or edit config.txt on your MicroSD card and add "enable_uart=1" without quotes in order for this to work for Raspberry Pi 3/4 Model B and Model B+. Otherwise UART is not enabled and will not display anything.
  • CONNECTING TO RASPBERRY PI 40 PIN HEADER: Three pins need to be connected for UART to work, the black ground (GND) wire, the white RX wire, and the green TX wire. Black should be connected to pin 6, white should be connected to pin 8, and green should be connected to pin 10.
  • CONFIGURE BAUD RATE, FLOW CONTROL, PARITY FOR YOUR BOARD: The default baud rate for Raspberry Pi is 115200. Flow control is not supported by the Raspberry Pi 3 so it should be disabled. 8N1 mode must be selected so that there are 8 data bits, no parity, and 1 stop bit.

For Libre Computer


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